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Please email us with the following information:

Your name and full contact details (phone, email and home address) and the make of piano (with photo if possible) and accessibility (stairs/step etc.)

Please note Pianos Recycled have now been collecting and recycling "donated" pianos for the last 7 years. We would be very happy to assist you and take your old piano for refurbishment or recycling into a new future. However, there are also costs involved - we generally cannot pickup for free (unless you are trading in your old piano as part of a piano sale, and buying a Pianos Recycled one, or your piano is in exceptionally good condition). As we aren't funded, the onus is on piano owners to pay for the recycling of their own pianos (unfortunately landfill is always a cheaper option).

At the moment new markets for recycled pianos and materials do not meet pickup demand, so our warehouse is almost full of pianos and parts. We do this because we care about the planet and without any government support or assistance, however need to charge a fee to cover our costs so we can continue to offer this sustainable alternative.

As we properly recycle pianos, it requires transport then deconstruction (of the more than 12,000 parts) and storage/recycling/reuse of components - it is an involved process. Working pianos require checking, cleaning, fixing, regulating and tuning back to concert pitch. Current local and state government policies make recycling a more expensive option compared to landfill.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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10/13-17 Crawford St Braeside, VIC, Australia 3195