Pianos Recycled is not only saving pianos from landfill, we are also building a local community of artisans, sustainable businesses and lovers of unique handcrafted items who want to help the environment and ensure the piano continues to give pleasure either as a piano or as transformed product. This month we are featuring an artisan - Rachel Burke from Vintage Remixed . Rachel is a Geelong based Creative who remixes Oddities, Fashion and Art (that she has either salvaged or collaborated on) into unique and sustainable gifting. She has built a particular reputation in creating lamp shades from pianola rolls, music, interesting book pages, and even Retro sewing patterns. She enjoys preserving the past through recycling and transforming beautiful and or quirky old useful items for today's world.

We can provide more information on the rich history of pianos OR show how you can save your own piano by having it made into something else.

Would you like to join our community dedicated to saving unwanted pianos from landfill?

Please give us some more information about your specific interest below and we'll get back to you!

  • Artisans who would like to learn more about hand creating unique jewellery, furniture or anything else from piano timbers, veneers, metals and ivory.
  • Businesses that provide quality materials to wood and metal artisans and jewellery craftspeople
  • Guild or associations representing artisans and jewellery craftspeople
  • Potential piano donor
  • Just interested in the cause to save pianos from landfill