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At Pianos Recycled, we have a simple objective - to give new life to old pianos!

We save unwanted pianos from an ignoble end through handcrafted restoration or imaginative re-purposing. We process each instrument thoughtfully and creatively to extract not only a useful future as a unique and valued item, but we also ensure the embodied qualities of the piano's materials and craftsmanship receive the respect they deserve.

Most unwanted pianos end up in landfill, and landfill is one of society's biggest waste of resources. If you have an unwanted piano and want to help the environment you can now choose a viable and unique alternative path for it.

And show our respect for the planet too!



We were on Channel 9 News Recently!

Thankyou to Vinko and the team at ND Recycled Timber Furniture for converting Bethany, a 1915 Behr Bros. player piano into the surrounds of this super smooth radiogram! Old has become New again. It is available NOW for sale at 386 Smith St Collingwood. Call (03) 9419 7492 to order one today!


Pianos Recycled Founder and Principal Partner, Mike Hendry recently spent some time chatting with Tim Beanland for this illuminating podcast. Mike has over 40 years of experience in the piano and music industry as a piano tuner, restorer and seller through his business, Hendry Pianos. After witnessing the end of some pianos by sledgehammer, he had the foresight to venture into facilitating their recycling, and so Pianos Recycled was born. The full episode is at:

Itunes: https://apple.co/32Fpg4s

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/39beXHU

  • Respect

    The ancient skills, craftsmanship, scarce resources and provenance embodied in the piano

  • Reduce

    The number of pianos ending up in landfill and consequently the impact on the environment

  • Restore

    A piano to playable condition where possible and feasible

  • Repurpose

    A piano's materials into unique, customized, individually designed products.

  • Recycle

    A piano's residual materials for later re-use

Want to join our community dedicated to saving unwanted pianos from landfill?

The Pianos Recycled community embraces Circular Economy principles as it believes transitioning away from a world of take, make and throw away and towards one that is regenerative and renewable provides some of the answer for the planet's health.

Our community consists of individuals, businesses and organisations like these:

  • Artisans who would like to learn more about hand creating unique jewellery, furniture or anything else from piano timbers, veneers, metals and ivory.
  • Businesses that provide quality materials to wood and metal artisans and jewellery craftspeople
  • Guild or associations representing artisans and jewellery craftspeople
  • Potential piano donor
  • Just interested in the cause to save pianos from landfill

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We are working with local Burwood framers Shot, Framed and Hung to create picture/photo frames made from the hardwood piano moldings #pianosrecycled #shotframedhung #pictureframes #sustainabledesign

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50 pianos later #pianosrecycled #pianos #recycling #woodworking

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